I completed my Ph.D. in Biomedical and Health Informatics at the University of Washington. There I worked with the HEALTH-E group researching how technology can be used to improve older adult health and wellness. This spanned the domains of HCI, gerontology, and informatics. Prior to that I graduated from Johns Hopkins University where I gained a strong foundation in quantitative analysis with degrees in Biomedical Engineering (B.S.) and Mathematics (B.S.).

I am currently a user researcher for Amazon Web Services, Inc conducting a wide range of studies to improve the customer's cloud computing experience. I have also been fortunate to intern across various companies in a research or engineering role including Intel, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, Amazon.com, and the National Institutes of Health. Click below to find out more about my experiences.

Health Visualization

User Researcher

(2014 - Current)

First Impression Testing

Research Scientist

(2010 - 2014)

Clinical IT Adoption

User Research Intern


AWS Usability

Research Intern


AWS Usability

Research Intern


Tree Testing

Research Assistant

(2008 - 2010)

Tree Testing

Research Assistant

(2007 - 2008)

Tree Testing

Engineering Intern

(2005 - 2007)

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

User Researcher (2014 - Current)

Health Visualization

Role: I am the lead user researcher for AWS marketing. Here I work with designers, developers, and product managers to craft intuitive and effective experiences for a technical audience of cloud computing services.

Responsibilities: I am involved in the end-to-end process of research including planning, execution, analysis, and reporting. As the first researcher on the team, I am also responsible for developing a research roadmap and incorporating research within the flow of design.

Skills: Usability Testing, Survey Design, Field Studies, Data Mining

Tools: Qualtrics, Usertesting.com, OptimalWorkshop, AWS, Salesforce.com

University of Washington

Research Scientist (2010 - 2014)

Graphical Perception

Role: As a research scientist on the HEALTH-E team, I conducted studies examining how different information technologies could be used to assist older adults in healthy aging.

Responsibilities: I led research studies from design through to full completion. I published findings in research journals and presented at academic conferences. I also mentored undergraduate students and guest lectured in classes.

Skills: Usability Testing, Survey Design, Machine Learning, Data Visualizaiton, Statistical Modeling, Network Analysis, Human Factors Engineering

Tools: HTML/CSS/Javascript, R, D3.js, Java, Python, Tableau, MySQL


User Research Intern (2013)

Graphical Perception

Role: I interned as a user researcher for Amazon.com working with the Universal Shopping Experience team.

Responsibilities: I conducted card sorting and tree testing studies to evaluate the information architecture of the clothing taxonomy on the retail site. I also led usability testing to evaluate the launch of a new digital book club program through Amazon Publishing.

Skills: Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Tree Testing, Survey Design

Tools: Qualtrics, OptimalWorkshop, Morae Studio

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

Research Intern (2012)

Graphical Perception

Role: I interned with Arcadia Healthcare Solutions as a researcher examining the impact of electronic medical record adoption with health care providers in a $400 million revenue rural health system.

Responsibilities: I developed a mixed methods research approach that involved 52 hours of interviews with health care providers and statistical analysis of electronic medical record adoption trends. I presented the findings at an executive level to drive roadmap decisions.

Skills: Interviews, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining


National Institutes of Health

Research Intern (2011)


Role: I interned at the National Institutes of Health as an informatics researcher.

Responsibilities: I developed an automated tool to classify and visualize content within biomedical literature. This was incorporated as a resource within the National Library of Medicine website.

Skills: Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Network Analysis, Data Visualization

Tools: Java, Prefuse, R

Johns Hopkins University

Research Assistant (2008 - 2010)


Role: I was a researcher with Dr. Hongkai Ji's lab in the Department of Biostatistics focusing on development of statistical models to identify binding motifs for gene regulation.

Responsibilities: I developed stastical models that identified binding motifs within the mouse genome that had regulatory functionality. This provided an extensible approach towards discovering new regulatory genes across different genomes.

Skills: Statistical Modeling, Data Mining

Tools: Java, R, CisGenome

Oregon Health & Sciences University

Research Assistant (2007 - 2008)


Role: I was a summer research assistant with Dr. Holly Jimison's lab at OHSU's Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology.

Responsibilities: I developed metrics of cognitive ability through interactive computer game play. In particular, I examined performance on a word jumble game and extracted measures of verbal fluency. This provides a continuous, unobtrusive approach towards identifying cognitive decline with older adults.

Skills: Statistical Modeling, Data Mining

Tools: R, MatLab

Intel Corporation

Engineering Intern (2005 - 2007)


Role: I gained my interest in engineer and technology as an intern at Intel over the course of three summers. There I worked across multiple teams as a technician, process engineer, and marketing analyst.

Responsibilities: I worked in the microfabrication lab as a process engineering verifying the quality of silicon chips. I developed an automated script to analyze and detect defects during the manufacturing process. As a marketing analysis, I created models to predict server market share.

Skills: Statistical Modeling, QA Analysis

Tools: Visual Basic, R